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Do you ever question the importance of your six month dental checkups? Patients often get so busy that they are sometimes tempted to postpone or skip these cleanings, but we would like to discourage this! Our team helps keep your smile healthy by not only providing care for teeth and gums, but we also detect potential problems while they are still small and affordably treated, as well as providing treatment.

— At your checkup, we will look for cavities and find out where plaque and tartar is accumulating. Plaque is a bacterial film that coats your teeth and gums every day, and needs to be removed daily or it will mineralize into tartar, which requires dental tools to remove. If tartar is allowed to accumulate, and you don’t keep up with scheduled dental cleanings, tartar can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Next, we will examine your gums to ensure they are healthy and correctly spaced around the teeth. Space between the teeth and gums increases with when gum disease is prevalent. We will also check for abnormalities and review treatment options based on any dental conditions we uncover.

— After we check the condition of your mouth, we will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums using scaling tools to remove tartar buildup from your teeth and gumline. Then, to remove stains on the teeth, we will polish your pearly whites. After the teeth are cleaned we also floss them to remove oral debris trapped between the teeth and the gumline. We will review with you any brushing and flossing techniques you may need to help you with your at-home oral hygiene care.

— To keep your mouth healthy in between your six month cleanings, brush your teeth at least two times a day for two minutes, floss at least once a day and use a plaque-reducing mouthwash to round your routine.

Your six month dental cleanings will make a big difference for your healthy, beautiful smile. To schedule a visit with Dr. Lynh Pham & Associates, please call our Smiley Dental Garland team in Dallas, Texas at 214.321.8400 today!