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Did you know that orthodontic treatment for adults is not quite the same as orthodontic treatment for children? Well, it’s true, and this is why:

Adults have different oral health conditions
As time passes by, the bones of the smile become harder and they stop growing. This could make it a bit difficult to transform the smile. Adults also tend to suffer from additional complications, like mild gingivitis infections, bone loss, and aging tissue. Because of these things, the treatment time may be a bit longer.

Adults don’t have much room
When an adult has an improper bite, it’s oftentimes difficult to correct it without tooth extraction. This is because adults don’t usually have room in their smiles to effectively change and shift the bite. As a result, orthodontists aim to provide a functional bite rather than a perfect one.

Adults might have extraction issues
If an adult has extracted a tooth in the past, it may be a bit difficult to move another tooth into its place. Closing the gap can be tough because the adult bone doesn’t generally respond to pressure the same way growing bone does. To help in this situation, your orthodontist may recommend placing prosthetic bone in the area.

Even though there may be some complications with adults aligning their smiles, they are still more than welcome to go through the treatment. Everyone deserves to have the smile of their dreams! So, if you’re an adult who is interested in orthodontics in Dallas, Texas, we encourage you to call Smiley Dental Garland at 214.321.8400. Dr. will be happy to examine your smile and create a treatment plan just for you if you call and schedule an appointment today!